How It Works

Whether you use a little or a lot of content, we make it easy to update and manage your LoopScreen displays remotely from any computer through your web browser. You can:

Creating content is a snap

It is simple to create content, whenever you need it, through your browser.

●  Add RSS feeds

●  Change background, orientation or format

●  Refresh or change messages by uploading an image, pdf or video

●  Update or create customized messages

The LoopScreen Editor also allows you to create new content on the fly. To design your custom message, choose from our free library of images and templates with multiple formats and orientation options.

Manage your content for easy access

LoopScreen also helps you manage your team. LoopScreen allows you to assign team members specific user permissions to help manage and plan content, including adding or changing content and choosing appropriate locations.

Your branded and custom content is available and accessible whenever your team needs it. The sorting options allow users to easily find the content they’re looking for to update and add to the displays. And the click-and-drag feature and dropdown options make changes quick and easy.

The secure permissions system helps to ensure everything shared on your digital signage will be on brand and shown on the right screens — in the right location.

LoopScreen training and support

Our LoopScreen team will meet with you on site to get you and your team set up. Our online tutorials take you through all of the steps to add, create and plan content for all of your screen locations.

LoopScreen offers ongoing support — we’re available to troubleshoot, answer questions and provide solutions whenever you need it.