Digital Signage

Custom communication made fast, easy and seamless.

Digital signage keeps messages up-to-date

Digital signage allows you to customize and share information with patients at any time, from any screen, anywhere in your hospital, clinic or medical office.

LoopScreen is an intuitive, inexpensive and immediate way to keep your messages current and relevant.

Patient communication has never been easier or more dynamic

LoopScreen digital signage gives you a platform to engage with your patients and visitors quickly and easily, providing valuable information, like:

●   Provider Information

●   Clinic Wait Status

●   Staff Recognition & Appreciation

●   Wayfinding

Managing content is quick and easy

Whether you have just a few key messages or a lot of information to share, you can update and easily manage your LoopScreen displays from any computer through your web browser. Updating your screens is done via our website in three easy steps.


Choose a template from our library or customize your message


Use the search and filter feature to quickly find what you’re looking for


The click-and-drag feature helps you quickly and easily add images to your screens

Monthly flat rate

per Month


Affordable flat-rate pricing

With a monthly flat rate of $35 per screen, we make digital signage affordable.

Digital partner for Hospitals, Clinics and more

For us at LoopScreen, it’s all about helping hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices keep patient and visitor communication up-to-date and relevant. We know if your patients are informed and engaged, your patient satisfaction scores and their confidence in you increase.